Project title:The Buriganga River Restoration Project (New Dhaleswari-pungli-Banshi-Turag-Buriganga River system)

Project sponsor: The Bangladesh Water development board and Government

Duration: 2010-2013

Budget: Tk 944.09 crore

Main activity: The aim is the project was to raise level of dissolved oxygen (DO) to 4 microgram per liter from almost zero in dry season and to create a situation for aquatic life.

Summary: This project aim was to connect Buriganga with Jomuna and Dhaleswari, Punguli, Danshi, Turag rivers. They achieved 40% of their aim. The navel system wanted a life by this project.

Project title: Clean solid waste from Buriganga and Turag

Project sponsor: Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA)

Duration: 2012

Budget: Tk 21 crore

Main activity: There main activity was remove solid waste from riverbeds of the Buriganga and Turag and create a working environment for “The Buriganga River Restoration Project” Summary: They did not achieved from this project at all. The water of Buriganga still remains pitch-dark and it’s exploring putrid smell. The industries are polluting continually. None of this project launcher give a second thought to this project. An environmentalist said, “Wishing anonymity. He added, “It was a complete waste of money.

Project title: “Burigana River cleaning project”

Project sponsor: Government

Project Implementer: Bangladesh Forest Officers Executive Association and Bangladesh Forest Guard welfare Association

Duration: 2013-April 2014

Budget: Tk 200 crore

Main activity: Clean solid waste from Burigana River and Its bank. Summary: They achieved too poor of their target. Its numerically 20 to 30 percent. The project key member said, “we have try our best but the river never be cleaned no matter how many project implemented”. He also said that “At first we have to halt dumping of wastages into the river and thus Buriganga will be pollution free”.

Project title: “Buriganga River cleaning project 2”

Project sponsor: N/A

Implemented by: Volunteers

Duration: 15 February 2013, 09:00am to 15 February 2013, 1:00

Key member: Quazi Taif Sadat

Budget: N/A (volunteers event)

Main activity: Clean waste from the river bank. It had not any specific target at all. They also had took a project in 2013 which name was “Buriganga River Cleaning Project 1”. Summary: The event creator said they cleaned 100% of their project. Volunteers were very positive to reach their goal. Many general public had attended on this event. From this project we came to know that proper management can successful implementation project in the Buriganga.

Project title: Three month pilot project

Project sponsor: Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA)

Duration: 3 month (2010)

Budget: Tk 5.75 crore

Main activity: This project activity was to remove 300,000 cubic meters of waste specially polythene bags and solid wastes from the riverbed. Summary: They achieved 60% of their goal but it was a temporary solution. This project did not create any washable sign to remove pollution from Buriganga.

Project title: “Clean the river”

Project sponsor: Government

Duration: 2009 (1 year)

Budget: Tk 50 crore

Main activity: Remove garbage from the river bed and conduct awareness campaign. Summary: This project was quite successful then other projects. It removed 300 tons waste from the river. It also quite successful to raise awareness among people and industries.

Project title: “Tannery relocation Irks Govt.”

Project sponsor: Government

Duration: 2004-2006

Budget: Tk 150 crore

Main activity: Their main activity was to relocate the tannery industries. Summary: This project was a laughing project because it did not implemented yet. From the project implementer, we come to know that this project had stopped for political well-being and reaction of big industries owners.

Project title: Import From Jomuna

Project sponsor: Government

Duration: 2005 (1 year)

Budget: Tk 850 crore

Main activity: This project main activity was to import water from the Jomuna river to improve water quality. Summary: This project was helpful to improve water quality. They achieved 70% of their goal. But this improvement was temporary. After few days the water color became black again.

Project title: “Garbage Dumping Yards”

Project sponsor: Dhaka City Corporation (DCC)

Duration: 2005(1 year)

Main activity: Create 4 new garbage dumping yards. Summary: This project was 100% successful to create garbage dumping yard but it was too small for the huge number of pollution. Natural and human activities has make the river Buriganga polluted and in the dry session of the last decades caused a complete deterioration of water quality. Many times have taken many projects to face and remove pollution but it decline or failed by many reasons. If there will not take any sensational step to stop or remove it, the Buriganga will die and it will not recover.