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The river Buriganga runs through the heart of our capital city Dhaka, it has been a life line for decades to a fast-growing population consisting of "Puran Dhaka" residents, bustling commuters, industries and local vendors who rely heavily on its waterways on a daily basis.

Unlike other parts of the world where a river is an asset with it being a sight of natural beauty and an attraction for tourists, often catering for water sports, riverside dining and river cruises, like River Thames in the UK for instance. By contrast, Buriganga has been allowed to get heavily polluted with the disposal of hazardous chemical waste products to raw sewage being quite common. This is largely due to very little enforcement of regulations and lack of planning and infrastructure in place.

Several projects in the past have been executed to attempt to clean the river but has made very little difference and or were not ambitious enough to tackle Buriganga's multi-faceted problems. The Recent relocation of the Tanneries has had a significant impact but not enough. This project is to establish a sustainable approach to a cleaner river, mainly by engaging with all the elements that affect the river.

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  • Transport near the main port of Sadar Ghat

  • The banks of the river, notice the residual polution

  • A little distance from the main port on a bright day.

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Be informed, inform others, make a change. project Buriganga follows the time honoured strategy that charity begins at home. We would like to help you to be informed of the situation and how we are trying to resolve the issues. Sign up to our alerts services and we will try to keep you informed. You may volunteer at at any level and help wherever you can. Donations are an obvious way to help. Have a look here for more advice


Please make donations to via Paypal. Once done we shall try to keep track of how your money is being spent and keep you informed


We are an UK based charity for foreign projects, strictly monitored and controlled by the charities commission in th UK. Our books may be reviewed at any time by our donars and trustees via online reports