General principle

The river is positioned in one of the most populated areas in the most populated city in one of the most populated countries in the world. It hosts an incredibly complicated environment where vastly different comunities engage. Previous attempts at cleaning this river have tried to technically clean the river without addressing the complex issues. The cleaning resulted in a temporary solution. Our goal is to work with the diffferent communities using the river and help them to change into more sustainable communities living in synergy with the river.

Scientific monitoring

Continous monitoring of the river will help us understand the nature of the problem that we are trying to address. We hope to have a detailed understanding of the dynamic nature of the river. A year long study should help us determine the changes in the polution levels and their sources. In the long run this monitoring should help us to determine the success of this project

Community Development

We would study the different communities that use the river at the moment. We would look into their activities and how they impact the river, also how the river impacts their lives. Once understood we will try to help the community to understand their impact and adapt to more sustainable practices.

Waste management

A large part of the project would be to study the pollution sources, and attempt to find appropriapiate solutions for their management. Ideally this would lead to creating appropriate links where possible, or to help create a commercial oppertunity to manage te issue. Our general approach is to help companies to change rather then to protest against their activities